Thursday, August 11, 2011

Not Eggsactly What I Had In Mind...

Right now, at this very moment, there are no less than twenty-nine eggs in my refrigerator. There may be more, it's entirely possible that one or two may have rolled off behind the cheese or the lemonade (I stocked up on Newman's Own - on sale at Big Y this week). Note to self - buy egg cartons on next trip to the co-op I'm one person. My seven hens are laying anywhere from three to five eggs per day.

Send egg recipes immediately.

Until yesterday, I suspected that my Ameracauna (aka Easter Egger) hen was a dud, as I had only been getting brown eggs. Then yesterday, and again today, I got a lovely little light-blue egg! Yay! I think I would like a few more Ameracuanas. They are pretty and docile birds with the bonus of pretty eggs. I would also like a Welsummer, that lays eggs so dark brown they are almost chocolate-colored. How much fun would that be in your egg carton?


  1. Who knew hens were like zuchini plants, producing twenty gergillian eggs? Why don't you start baking and freezing, or making egg custards and freezing them. Or how about ice cream? Hmm it sounds like it's going to be pretty tasty over at your farm. Have fork and spoon might be travelling :)

  2. Anonymous is another name for Maia

  3. Hey Maia, I figured it was you! I hadn't thought of ice cream - brilliant idea!