Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Crying Uncle

Winter from hell, tornado (too close for comfort), earthquake, and now a hurricane? UNCLE!!!!

Preparations start tomorrow. Gathering anything in the yard that might take flight and stuffing it indoors - somewhere. Putting a new tarp on the two-stall barn roof. I was hoping this one would hold until I buy new metal roofing for it this fall, but last week's normal drenching proved otherwise. Leaky leaky. Cutting down two trees, both in poor health due to damaged trunks, that would undoubtedly land on the barn if the wind is bad enough. Hoping to temporarily relocate two ponies to the neighbors' sturdy barn for the duration, due to my unwillingness to cut down a big beautiful elm tree that could land on their housing. What I'm going to do with the chickens I don't know. Stuff them in the garage too I guess. I'll probably wind up chasing them around the rafters for days afterward. That'll be fun, I'm really looking forward to that. Groceries to buy, propane tank to fill, every water-holding container to be filled. Generator to start, since it hasn't been fired off for a while. Like, over a year awhile. Candles to find. I refuse to buy more, I have so damned many, it's just a matter of what box they're in. Hope I labeled it :) Batteries, of course. Stock up on dog food, horse grain, hay. Make the doggies wear their collars with their little name tags and my phone number - Just.In.Case. They hate collars. Oh well, I hate sobbing for lost dogs more.

I hope this all turns out to be unnecessary, but am inclined to assume the worst at this point. Stop the ride, I wanna get off!


  1. Good luck... will be thinking of you...

  2. Don't you just love it. We got evacuated off the Outer Banks. Buying water, batteries. Remembering Charlie and Isabelle (water sloshing in toilet, five days without power, watching roof tiles fly off, hearing the wind howl) Oh jump for joy it's Groundhog Day (the movie).

    Did I mention trying to coerce (sp) a mare and foal into a barn during torrential rain and wind. I can hardly stand the excitement. Glad your preparing. We can commiserate on Monday. That is if I have any power.

    Stay safe. And this too shall pass.

  3. Maia here. Are we having fun yet? Got evacuated off the Outer Banks, brought everything that could become a projectile. Took Kitt and Jolie into the barn. Found candles, lighter, lantern, batteries. Doing multiple loads of wash in anticipation of days without power. Washing your hair and getting ready for work in the dark is such a joy.

    Second hurricane I've gone through and I think I actually prefer blizzards. I can do without heat faster than airconditioning. Oh what a weenie I've become.

    I worry about the fawns, but there's not a lot I can do about it.

    Stay safe and we can trade horror stories, or not, when the power comes back on.

  4. darci- the word uncle does not even exist in your vocabulary-hunker down, do what you know needs done and ride it out- not much you can't do if you set your mind to it-when the going gets tough, the tough get going